Swiss cheese fondue & chardonnay

Come by soon and try one of our new specials!

Tess is thrilled to finally have this one on the menu, and it has been an instant hit with our guests! Made from Swiss cheese and a touch of our very own Estate Chardonnay, it is served warm right out of our oven. It is accompanied by freshly-toasted homemade bread and crisp, local apples. Share one with your friends, or keep all the deliciousness for yourself!

Swiss cheese fondue & chardonnay


Pork Belly
Four strips of tender pork belly are oven roasted until they are golden brown. They are then drizzled with a mustard-maple sauce and a pinot reduction, and served alongside local greens and our homemade bread. Even those who claim to not like pork belly have had their minds changed by this perfectly prepared and flavorful dish!

Pork belly at Hood Crest Winery