Columbia Gorge Wine Country Awards

The Columbia Gorge Wine Country experience is defined by spectacular scenery, the trailblazing spirit of the people, and the diverse lifestyle opportunities that accompany the world-class wines grown and crafted here.

Columbia Gorge Wine Country is a 40-mile, sweeping, dramatically changing panorama of landscapes as the Columbia River cuts through the Cascade Mountain Range, creating microclimates of arid desert to cool temperate rainforest, providing the specific rain and soil conditions required to nurture the growth of more than 30
premium wine grape varietals.

Instilled with a strong sense of adventure and taking the “road less traveled,” our close-knit group of winemakers and growers on both shores of the river in Oregon and Washington are skilled trailblazers, who are making extraordinary world-class wines bonded by their passion for the craft and commitment to the land.

Just an hour from Portland, the charming towns of Columbia Gorge Wine Country offer year-round opportunities for adventure, relaxation, the arts, and countless outstanding local flavors to satisfy every taste..

Experience our world-class wines by exploring the scenic roads that lead to the inviting and relaxed tasting rooms of the region, where the winemakers are often behind the counter, ready to share their passion for their craft and help you find out why touring Columbia Gorge Wine Country is an experience like no other in the world.